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Treasury bill maturity dates

Download the application form here.
For more information regarding these statistics contact the Office of Debt Management by email.
For example, in one recent auction of five turkish women seek men year notes, you could buy a note with a face value of 10,000 and a coupon rate.625 for 9,965.13.
The interest rate earned on T-Bills is equal to the difference between the purchase price and maturity value, divided by the maturity value.The current coupon period contains 182 days.These data are also available in XML format by clicking on the XML icon.Learn More about Entity Accounts for full information on the new registration types.You may also sign up for e-mail notification for auctions.Contact, the Reserves and Domestic Market Management Department can be contacted at (868) 621-2288/235-2288, extensions 2034, 2079, 2024, 2038, 2040.Many factors can influence T-Bill prices, including macroeconomic conditions, monetary policy and the overall i want sex but my wife not supply and demand for Treasuries.Example of Treasury Bill Purchase, for example, an investor purchases a par value 1,000 T-Bill with a competitive bid of 950.A bidder is guaranteed to receive the full amount of the security bid.With a competitive bid, a bidder specifies the yield that is acceptable.See rates in recent auctions Minimum purchase: 100 Maximum purchase: Non-competitive: 5 million Competitive: erotic contact pair 35 of offering amount ( see types of bidding ) Investment increment: Multiples of 100 Issue method: Electronic Redeem, Reinvest, or Sell A Treasury note can be held to maturity.The Coupon Equivalent, also called the Bond Equivalent, or the Investment Yield, is the bill's yield based on the purchase price, discount, and a 365- or 366-day year.When a note matures, the investor receives the face value.Use the following formula to figure accrued interest: A P x r ( d / t 2).Competitive bids are made through your local bank or a licensed broker.Treasury notes pay interest on a semi-annual basis.
The reopened security has the same maturity date, coupon interest rate, and interest payment dates as the original security, but has a different issue date and usually a different price.
This is why the federal reserve lowers interest rates when the economy goes south; people move their investments out of these bonds and back into other investments, which push the economy along.

The Department also purchases and sells Treasury Bills.
How are the returns?